We're proud to offer our Made in the U.S.A. museum replicas of these 3 documents and The Patriot Wristband™ for fundraisers. 


FUNDRAISERS... Please call us.

       FREEDOM DOCUMENTS, at the lowest possible cost.

Fundraisers pricing: retail        your cost        YOUR PROFIT
Documents:  $15                $5                       $10
      Posters:   $20                $7                       $13
Set of all 3 Individual Docs.(value $60) 
                          $30               $9                       $21                           


       $4.95 MSRP
    FUNDRAISING PRICE  .66 (min. qty. 10,000+) 

WristBand DISTRIBUTOR PRICE  .89 (min. qty. 100+)
   No need to sign up on any distributor agreement, just order!

Retail store suggested wholesale price $200.
(Distrib. profits $111.  Retailer profits $195 to $295.)

Retail band HIGH CLASS PLASTIC base & pole display stand

comes with 2 pricing signs; $3.95 & $4.95

Order your first 100 Wristbands for
and get the $35 stand free!
REFILLS:  Order Wristbands in qty. of 100's



"We received the wristbands, and they look great. We're going to hand them out next semester to our chapters and also at CPAC as a prize." Jeff Frazee, Young Americans for Liberty

"Our Rotary International club raised $250 in two hours (to fund our polio eradication fund). This was at a chili cookoff function on Saturday."

Jack Davis, Chandler North Rotary Club (Arizona)

Every school, every office up and down the street, every office in every high rise, every library, every museum, and every red blooded American will buy multiples of these beautiful documents, posters and wristbands.  Each student or person sells 30 easily to only 15 people or offices, multiplied by 50 students = 1500 items, averaging a profit of $17,250.

100 students = $34,500 in one week possible!
100 students selling 60 each =
Plus... your educating America with the Founding Documents!  Obviously sells better than candies, candles and other  irrelevant items.  Call today for your samples!

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